The PowerPliers use a simpler version of the PowerCylinder's encapsulated hydraulic circuitry integrated right into the body of the tool. The PowerPliers use a thumb slider to reset and advance the jaws, automatically adjusting to the size of the object being grasped. Once the jaws have engaged the object the handle is then released and when squeezed multiplies hand force 47 times, delivering up to one-half a ton of gripping force. A 22-pound squeeze can deliver significantly more clamping force than a pair of traditional locking pliers. And even better, a push of a button softly releases its grasp.
Pre-Prototype Rendering:
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Prototype Videos:
Clamping, Squeezing, & Comparison with Mechanical Pliers
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Prototype Overview & Spec. Sheet
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1/2" PEX PowerCrimper
The 1/2" PEX PowerCrimper also uses a customized version of the PowerCylinder's encapsulated hydraulic circuitry integrated right into the body of the tool. The jaws of the tool are opened by pulling back on the trigger in front of the handle of the tool while the side lever is depressed with the thumb. When the trigger is released, the jaws close on and hold the PEX crimp ring with approximately 20 lbs. of gripping force. The hydraulics are then engaged by squeezing the handle lever of the tool multiplying the hand force through both the hydraulics and a revolutionary linkage design between the hydraulics and the actual jaw set, delivering 3,000 lbs. of crimping force in about four 40 lbs. squeezes. The linkages reduce the amount of friction within the tool ensuring that a crimp is achieved as efficiently as possible. Release of the jaws is accomplished by again depressing the side lever and pulling back on the trigger.
Beta-Prototype Planned Improvements & Spec. Sheet
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LatchTool’s Standard PowerCylinders amplifies a linear force 10-fold. Measuring 7/8"Ø×5" with a 1½" stroke and weighing 16 ounces the PowerCylinder can be driven in either of two ways: manually where a handle with a four-bar linkage is coupled with the PowerCylinder to step-up a 50# grip to deliver 3,000 pounds of force at the business end; and, as a mechatronic unit where a closed loop stepper motor/ball screw combination modulates the PowerCylinder to deliver 3,000 pounds of force for braking or control surface applications.
Spec. Sheet, Price List, & Purchase Order
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