In 2004, LatchTool introduced its PowerCylinder™ a mechanical force amplifier that leverages pounds into tons. Its sophisticated three-speed system uses encapsulated hydraulic circuitry to multiply an input force 60 fold. Design News, a magazine for design engineers, picked the PowerCylinder a best product of the year for 2004.

The Company has now integrated a simpler version of its encapsulated hydraulic circuitry into both a crimping tool and a pair of pliers.

Roughly 70 years ago, Christian Peterson invented what was to become the Vise-Grip®, pliers with a mechanical system that when tripped, allowed the tool to stay latched onto whatever it grasped. It takes substantial hand strength to set a Vise-Grip® type locking pliers and even more to release its hold. A new design featuring this encapsulated hydraulic circuitry is the LatchTool PowerPliers™ that leverage a 22 pound squeeze to deliver nearly 1,000 pounds of clamping force and for ease of release, a simple slide lever effortlessly and smoothly releases the grasp.

In the last 10 years cross-linked polyethylene tubing (PEX) has become the material of choice for residential plumbing and hydronic heating systems due to the lower cost of the materials and ease of installation. Connections are made by crimping a copper ring around the PEX tubing and fitting. Until now, crimping tools came in two versions, long two handed bolt-cutter style manual crimpers (necessary to apply force for leverage), and large and expensive powered crimpers. Enter the LatchTool ½" PEX PowerCrimper, utilizing the patented LatchTool hydraulics which delivers over 3,000 pounds of crimping force in a tool that is approximately ½ the length, ⅔ the weight, and requires only ½ the input strength of traditional manual tools.

The Company has patented its technology and is now seeking partners to manufacture and market these tools.

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