The LatchTool Video Library

Each video is provided in 3 formats. To view the Windows Media video clips you will need Microsoft's Windows Media Player, to view the Real Media video clips you will need RealOne™ Player, and to view the QuickTime video clips you will need the QuickTime Player. All of these media players can be downloaded for free by clicking the appropriate logo at the bottom of this page.

The Amazing PowerCylinder
A brief video presenting the concept and functionality of the PowerCylinder™ and the history of LatchTool Group.

PowerCylinder™ Animation
A technical animation displaying the PowerCylinder™ in action.

Proof-of-Concept Demonstration
A video demonstrating the original PowerCylinder™ prototype.

XBytes Segment
Segment from Episode Eleven when the LatchTool Group attended the RD&D Expo in Anaheim, CA.
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